Livin’ in the 70’s ..

Cast your mind back to ….Livin’ in the 70’s by Skyhooks. That will set the mood for the Show “The Way We Were” in the late 70’s to be held at the old Pinocchio’s site, Globe Entertainment Complex. You constantly requested more since our last live show The Way We Were” 1974 which was held at the Globe  on the 24th June, 1999. ( Now the Monkey Bar )

This once in lifetime event, which will never be repeated, was staged on Thursday 30th November 2000. After a lot of research, we have found a big list of past 70's bands and performers to choose from including:

Rock ‘N Roll Show, Rock Revival, The Elks, Brix, Everest, Billy Jack and the Cat, Boys, Swinging Blue Jeans, Jeff Brownrigg, DJ Steve Spinner, Peppercorns, Offspring, DJ Tony Serve, Grapevine, Coolmints, Bill Blaine, Penny Lane, Sacha, Dean Bros, Haystack, Wells, Patrick McMahon, Denver Group and many many more....

Show World Production ..

Producer Roland Ott from Show World, had taken up the challenge again and completed negotiations with the following below listed Artists to appear at....“The Way We Were in the late 70s.

We invite you to click on the bands name and let us rattle your brain as we take you back with a full list of members names and band history:

Lighting by Jared Hawke

Sound Engineer Ray Mondo


© copyright Roland Ott 2000 - 2005 world wide reserved

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