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Brief History of The Elks
as told by Ivan Zar

What kicked it all off, was an invitation extended to Ivan Zar (Harmonica) and John Hood (Guitar) to get a group of musicians together to perform at a birthday party in Cottesloe, Western Australia. Their Chicago Blues style performances were much sort after and the other musos asked to join for the gig were: Garry Masel (Drums) John Coulter (Guitar) Peter Coulter (Bass) Tim Coyle (Piano) John Hood also invited Terry Serio as Lead Singer.

They performed to rave reports under a parachute decorated main room in a house. The rest indeed is history. The name they used was the King Bee.

Terry Serio was responsible for coming up with a new name and it was then changed to the Elks. With a new line-up, they quickly gathered a vast popular cult following and played regularly to capacity rooms pleasing their many fans at the Shenton Park Hotel, Charles Hotel, Alberto's Tavern, Rivervale Hotel, Herdsman Hotel, White Sands plus the South West and other country Venues.

The word got around and even the Eastern States of Australia demanded their performances in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. A live cassette recording was released, laid down at the Melbourne University called FM Live! An album soon followed called "Refer to Drawer", released by an offshoot record label from Mushroom Records. After their break-up many members achieved great things individually. Terry Serio's acting career blossomed. (Blue Heelers, Halifax fp, Lead in "Shout" life story of Johnny O'Keefe). Ivan and Reg Zar released succesful CD's recently.

Since their invitation to reform by Executive Producer Roland Ott and The Globe Entertainment Complex, to be features at the annual popular event "The Way We Were", it was no coincidence that they have been offered other work afterward their reunion show.

The Elks will consist of as they were in the late 70's. Below the original photos:

Popular Actor "Terry Serio"
Lead Vocal

Dave Brewer 
Guitar, Vocal

Howard Shawcross
Bass, Voca

Ivan Zar 

Reg Zar 

Bob Patient

The Original instantly recognisable poster from the 70's

Ivan Zar CD's obtainable from:
Show World Digital 
or direct from Ivan Zar 
Phone: 08 9271 4941 Mobile: 0408 917 867

Ivan Zar
Born in Alexandria Egypt in 1950, Ivan Zar made the big move to Perth with his family in 1963 (aged 13). Drawn to Blues Music at an early age, Ivan taught himself to play the mouth harp and guitar. His three CD's are proving popular and are well recordedCategory: Jazz / Blues Genre: Blues / Soul Members: Ivan Zar's Similar Sound: Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters Reg ZarDrummer Reg Zar was born in Egypt and now resides in Perth,

CD Single Blue Skies

Afrika Tide

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Reg Zar

Phone: 08 9335 2327
Born in Egypt and now resides in Perth, Australia. He has played with countless bands including the Elks, Bhundu Boys and Jeff Martin from the Tea Party. 
These nine tracks are taken from gigs going back to 1983.

Bob Patient
Let's get into trouble