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Steve Spinner in 2000 as featured 
in the Zebra Perth magazine.
Photo by Simon Visser www.zebraperth.com.au

D.J. Steve Spinner is part of the Pinocchio's phenomena from the 70's. He will be presenting a special one hour "The Way We Were" ...late 70's music presentation, recreating the same athmosphere we were so accustomed to.

Be ready to have your memory rocked with original tracks you have not heared for the last 20 - 25 years.

After hearing the Studio 54 compilation, it took Steve Spinner about three month to work out how it was all done. Work at Annabella's, Pinocchios, Beethoven's, Jules, The Eastern Sates, Club A, Metropolis, Fire and Ice and others solidify Spinner's abilities in the industry mind as he continued to evolve with both the music and the scene. "I like any type of music. I think you have to be versatile. Originally I started off with funk, so I suppose that would be my niche. But I like all types, garage, hard-house, and even some hard core. I don't mind. Most of the upfront stuff", Spinner adds, "I like." But it's not just music that's changing. "I think years ago it was a lot easier to get a crowd going. People now, they seem to be looking over their shoulder seeing who's watching them," Spinner observes. A very conscious situation. Still, he pulls it off as the Marble Bar groovers will attest.

Courtesy D.J Feature Xpress Magazine.