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Rock Revival evolved from the Realm in the early 70's and lasted for a number of years. They were a crazy bunch and were idolised by their loyal fans due to their many floorshows and costume changes. Mostly we remember them for bringing on their Lead Singer in a black coffin and at times fired him out of a canon towards the stage.

 Luckily most landings were on matrasses on the dance floor. What an entrance! In Perth they are well remembered for their appearances at Pinocchio's, Whisky Au Go Go, Top Hat, Waldorf, Colosseum, Charles Hotel, North Perth Hotel, Boomerang Hotel, Nookenburra, Cleo's in Fremantle etc..

The biggest nights were every Thursday night at the Raffles. This spot was held for over 12 months. Seeing them in Dessert Boots, Pink Shoelaces, Pinstripe Suits, Red Socks and that song "Alley Oop" will never be forgotten. One of the highlights of their career was their Tours to Exmouth, Carnarvon, Albany and on to the Eastern States. This started at Kalgoorlie en route to Adelaide where they set many attendance records. The Adelaide Hotel, Old Lions, Findon Hotel saw their live on stage antics, before moving onto Melbourne featured at South Side 6, Waltzing Matilda and others. They even appeared at the George Hotel, St. Kilda and in Geelong. Recordings for Festival at Armstrong Studios produced two original rock songs "Crazy Col" and "Quiet Alright With Me".

Experiencing Drummer problems they finally had to return to Perth. I am sure they will slay the audience at the "The Way We Were..late 70's" reunion as they are rehearsing to a planed out full on show. Roland Ott was well associated with them in those days assisting with their bookings and movements and creating their public image by designing posters, stickers, printed matchboxes etc.

Welcome back original Rock Revival.
Their now adult kids will see them perform live on stage for the first time.

This will be History making stuff.

Original Lead Singer John Quays will be unavailable to appear with the reformed Rock Revival. However Reg Carson, well known from the 70's, has generously agreed to fill the position as Lead Singer and Front Man. This has allowed for the re-appearance of this legendary band from the 70's.