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Sunday Independent Dec 17, 1978

One and One make Brix

Brix dropped their bold, brassy rock on Perth this week with their first performance at Pinocchios.

Brix is the amalgamation of BREAKAWAY and the MIXTURES. Induvidually the Mixtures and Breakaway toured Australia from Albany to Mt.Isa READY Now the combined band is ready to do it again. They have spent the last eight weeks rehersing and recording in the Shelter Studios in Duncraig.

Brix hope to record their first single in the new year with songs written by rhythm guitarist Peter Williams. The Mixtures still hold the record for most sales of any Australian single with the Pushbike Song.

Brix line-up is Rob Scott, keyboards and vocals, Peter Williams, rhythm guitar and vocals, Brenton Fosdike. lead guitar, John Petkovich, drums and vocals, Denis Broad, Lead vovals and congas and Paul Reynolds, bass guitar and vocals. Brix will be working between Raffertys, Pinocchios and the Herdsman Hotel early next month.

Lining up to rock with "BRIX" by Glenn Luders

Brix are ready to explode onto the national scene according to two of our top disc-jockeys "They are the hottest property in Perth, if not Australia," says 6PM DJ, Trevor Carlson. "The band are trendsetters in this state and it is generally accepted that the WA music industry is progressing faster than any other State. "So that puts Brix right at the top level.

Gary Shannon says the band is wasting its time in WA and should travel interstate as soon as possible. "I realise it's a managerial decision, but the sooner they travel East the better," says Shannon. "It's an unfortunate fact of life, but the recording facilities and recognition must come from Melbourne and Sydney."

Standing room only five minutes after the Herdsman's doors were open The Herdsman Hotel's Sunday session, which has become a way of life for many over the past four month, is where the vibes echo best. You have to queue up at the door, otherwise you don't get a seat and if you arrive five minutes after opening time, will be lucky to get standing room.

Black & White photo
taken in

(Left to right)
Denis Broad - Lead Vocals
Paul Reynolds - Bass/Vocals
Peter Williams - Rhythm/Vocals
Robert Scott - Keyboards/Vocals
Brenton Fosdike - Lead Guitar/Vocals
John Petkovich - Drums/Vocals