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Honky Pop was the name they coined for their own particular brand of music. It consisted of contemporary vocal styling resting upon traditional based piano foundation. The shifting moods of Ray's voice interwoven with Trevor's piano were a sheer delight to the ear.

A big success in the late 70's, they are well remembered for their huge crowds they entertained at the Hare and Hound, which was located in Cambridge Street, West Leederville. They are coming together and reforming again for "The Way We Were"..late 70's, at the old Pinocchio's site the Globe.

Ray Van Ross
London raised Ray Van Ross has been recognised for quiet some time as having one of the most versatile voices in the state. Here is a voice with the right amount of husk and colour, from the low passages to the dizzy falsetto heights....it reaches you.

He has appeared on television programmes in every state capital except Hobart, toured Singapore and Vietnam, recorded in the States, was included in a video clip shot in Los Angelos and is the voice you hear on many T.V. and radio commercials.

Ray still performs regularly around Perth Venues both as an MC Vocalist/Entertainer and with Debbie Gamble provide a great night entertainment as
"One more Party, Karaoke"
Contact Show World's Hotline 0500 500 431

Trevor Gibson
Keyboard wizard Trevor Gibson's sensitive but direct approach to his piano is well respected wherever he goes. In performance, he and the instrument are synonymous.The tone colours he protrays bring richness to the music, be it heartfelt blues or neo-classical melodic lines.

By treating himself as an extension of the instrument he brings in the ambient sounds and feelings of the room to push the music to explosive heights.

A member of Performance Right Society and the Songwriters Guild of Great Britain, he has spent many years working in Nightclubs and recording studios throughout the world. Whilst in London he studied classical organ for 5 years at the Guildhall School of Music. 

Trevor appeared in a number of T.V. Shows and was featured in many Musical video clips. He still performs today with "Ruby Tuesday".