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I had the privilege of assist with staging and road managing Rolf in Perth Western Australia for the "Festival of Perth" and "La Tenda Restaurant".

Rolf flew in specially from London to do the concert and cabaret shows with his family during one of his many heights of his career.

Rolf was extreme kind and supportive to me and I enjoyed meeting his family at the Sullivans Hotel and I still look back of what I learned during his short visit.

The staging of the concert was a real challenge at that stage. In Perth there were only a limited suitable venues to handle the type of crowds expected for his open air concert.

A special sound shell was erected in front of the Subiaco Oval grand stand.

I said privileged because it allowed me to watch a real pro in action when it came to sound checks, rehearsals and general instructions for the show sound and lighting producers.

I remember a specific instance where he was rehearsing the backing band at La Tenda. He gave each band member instructions at what time to respond to his gags.

Some were not paying attention and were so rapped up in watching Rolf in a mesmerised trance. Not realising he was actually rehearsing the gag at the time with the support of the musicians added response and musical instrument.

That's how he was backing up the impact of his delivery - and did they have it dished out to them, for not obliging, as per prior instruction - 

A true dedicated professional with attention to detail.

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