Normie Rowe AM

It ainít necessarily so
I (Who have nothing)
Que Sera
Shakiní All over
Tell him Iím not home
Pride And Joy
Stones that I Throw
Oh la la, oh la la
Sunshine Secret
Going Home
Itís Not Easy


Relaxed Normie in 2003 on the Gold Coast

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Recorded in the 60s during
Normie Rowe and the Playboys


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Normieís current CD
Missing In Action
 is his cathartic journey
as a Vietnam Veteran

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Biography - Discography

Roland imported Normie several times and staged him in many West Australian Venues including a Revival concert show at the Boomerang Hotel.

He performed also at the Morley Park Hotel, Top Hat, Balga Inn and Country Venues.

Roland was the first promoter to bring Normie back to WA., after his gallant service in Vietnam.

Roland was offered to assist him with Management. 

He stayed with his family in Dandenong, Victoria and Gold Coast, Queensland.

ďHis performances were always heroic when it came to on stage fully planned out Shows".

His performance at the Boomerang Hotel caused him to be pulled off stage by the screaming
female fans. Iíll never forget that. 

I was terrified as things almost got out of hand, and blamed myself due to the heavy excitable radio promotion campaign I had put together.Ē

Year Recording Chart No. Awards
1965 It ainít necessarily so 1  
  I (Who have nothing) 2  
Que Sera Sera/
Shakiní All over
1 Double Gold
  Tell him Iím not home 4  
  Pride And Joy 6  
  Stones that I Throw 6  
1966 Ooh La La 1 Gold
1967 Sunshine Secret 1  
  Going Home    
  Itís Not Easy    
1968 Penelope/Turn Down Day    
  Born to be by your side.    
1970 Hello    
1973 Higher & Higher    
1975 Elizabeth    
1976 Motherís Boy    
1979 Maybe Tomorrow    
1980 Rock & Roll Youíre Beautiful    
1987 Somewhere Tonight    
  Bring Him Home/ Do you hear The people sing    

Year Recording Chart No. Awards
1965 It Ainít Necessarily So, but it is Normie Rowe   Gold
  Normie Rowe a Go Go   Gold
1966 A Wonderful Feeling    
  So Much Love    
1970 Hello    
1971 Normie Roweís Greatest Hits    
1975 Out of the Norm    
1980 Out of the Blue    
1983 Piano Man    
1989 Count Your Blessings    
1990 Twenty-Five Years    
1992 Cyrano De Bergerac    

For over forty years Normie has been entertaining Aussies who have in turn come to love him.His early days had him at the top of the teenage charts with no less than 11 hit records, including his double gold record version of Que Sera Sera c/w Shakiní All Over. His other hits included I (Who have nothing), Ooh La La (another gold record), Itís Not Easy, and It Ainít Necessarily So




In the sixties he recorded and toured in the UK, after which he was inducted into the Australian Army and was sent to Vietnam. 

Since then Normie has worked tirelessly for better conditions for Veterans of all wars.

Normie has continued his career, appearing in the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Malaysia and of course New Zealand.

After two years on the popular Australian Soap Opera, Sons and Daughters, Normie entered the world of musical theatre. He played to great acclaim over 600 performances, the role of Jean Valjean in the Premiere Australian production of Les Miserables.

Since then Normie has appeared in leading roles in many musicals including Annie, Chess, Evita, Cyrano, Get Happy, and Oklahoma.  

Normie has been perennially a requested artist on national TV shows, and was one of the most popular artistes included on the recent Long Way To The Top concert series which played to 160,000 people Australia wide. 

During the last four years Johnny Young and Marcie Jones have joined with Normie in their publicly acclaimed Legends of Sixties Rock shows, which has consistently played to sold out performances in Australia wide.

This year 2005 has seen some real highlights of Normie's career. In July he was inducted as an Icon into the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame. And in July He was name by the Australian War Memorial as one of this country's most prominent Ex-service men, alongside the likes of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Vivien Bullwinkle, Keith Miller, Chips Rafferty, and 45 other heroes of Australia. 

In his unplugged show An Audience with Normie Rowe friends Jenny Foote and Roger Montgomery help Normie to bring to the general public one of his most successful incarnations ever. Itís an evening of brilliant entertainment spanning most musical genres


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