The Discovery of The Namelous      Why The "NAMELOUS"
Bernie Shinnick - Ken Jackson - Ernie Rampellini - Leon Buurman
Battle of the Bands Win in 1967 at the Royal Showgrounds
Second Place "The Valentines" with Bon Scott and Vince Lovegrove
The Discovery of The Namelous

Roland Ott was playing tennis with his mother Therese Ott
at Bitumen Courts opposite 41 Silas Street East Fremantle
when he heard a huge sound coming from across the road and had to investigate.

"I liked what I heard, the bass the drums the guitar and the vocals"

He had to go to the back of the house to follow the source
of the music and discovered a practice room, standing alone at the end of the property.

Roland introduced himself, some had already heard of him from his on air work at 6 KY-NA
and his mobile DJ business "Roltronic Sounds"

"What impressed me most about the guys
Bill Shinnick, Bernie Shinnick and Keith Harris
was their politeness friendliness and the dedication they seem to have".

I offered them management and they immediately accepted

"Funny when you look back on it as I was still an office jnr. and still pushing the bike around town,
posting the mail, serving and cutting up blocks of Ice on sale, making tea, balancing the petty cash and stamp book, and getting the Bosses cat meat from Watsonia's shop in High Street.
My work place was Fremantle Cold Storage in Beach and Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle"

"Mum would not allow me to leave that job,
even thou I was earning more then their accountant
but radio and mobile dj work was not considered a proper job for Mum
but the chance to study to become an accountant one day was more important it seemed"

God bless you Mum


Why "The Namelous" = Nameless

Why that name you might well ask?

It was a naming competition held for the band as at that stage they where indeed nameless.
The winner's prize was one free performance by the band at their party.

The naming competition was held both in the press and on radio
(Sunday Times 'Keith Bales Young World' and Radio 6 KY-NA).

It was from a promotional idea fostered by Manager Roland Ott to introduce the band to the general public and obtain valuable publicity.

It was kicked of by a performance by the band at the studios of 6 KY Perth during a Fan Club headquarters meeting and in front of some 100 Fan Club Presidents.

The winning entry selected suggested why not leave the band "The Nameless".

Roland immediately selected that entry as he thought it was controversial enough.

However he changed the spelling to "The Namelous"
as their lead singer at that time was LOU Schillaci.
It stuck in people's minds ever since.

It was the talk of the city as people where busy explaining the name to each other.

It was from those two initial performances that the band started to get a following.

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