Kamahl and Roland Ott
busted during
an after
Show meal at
Western Australia

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The Sounds of Good Bye, The Elephant Song, 100 Children.

“I saw Kamahl perform on Brian Henderson’s Bandstand and knew instantly for which venues I needed him in WA. The song he sang was “The Sounds of Goodbye”. I had a copy air freighted and took it to Barry Martin at Radio 6PR. 

After several airing it was requested daily and started to sell and climb the Perth Charts. That was what kicked it off also in Sydney. The rest is history. Kamahl’s performances at Romano’s became legendary and I signed him for shows 12 month in advance. I was the first promoter to stage Kamahl in Concert in Perth at the Regal Theatre and remember many audience members turning up in eveningwear and tuxedoes. 

Mr. Baker, owner at that stage put in a special stage and lighting, as up to that stage it was only a movie theatre. They were magic nights. He was a very loved performer and warmed to the audience especially the lady folk, instantly. 

I don’t know if it was Kamahl’s deep voice or his fantastic stage caftans. La Tenda and Romano's have experienced record attendances and I even had him at Shopping Centres causing traffic jams.”