Johnny O'Keefe  

In Johnny's later career Roland Ott road managed Johnny’s visits  to Perth WA and around Brisbane Qld for Club Pub and Television appearances. He was also in charge of promotion and publicity.


“The Wild One” emerged to be the most successful Australian rock 'n' roll singer ever and claimed the first real national hit parade chart position. In his too-short recording career, he recorded over 50 albums and singles for Festival and notched up a staggering 31 national chart hits.

Roland road managed Johnny’s visits to Perth Western Australia and around Brisbane, Queensland for Club and Television appearances.

In Perth he appeared on STW 9’s Tonight Shows with Don Spencer, Bruce Allen and Tim Connor.

“To me Johnny was the ultimate audience controller with his dynamic and commanding on stage presentation. He certainly knew how to handle the crowds. His most favoured home away from home in WA was the Rhodes Motor Hotel in South Perth.

My last meeting with Johnny was in Sydney at the Mo awards which I attended with Frankie Davidson in Sydney.”

The Songs:

09/03/1958 WILD ONE 26 8 Weeks Festival
06/05/1958 OVER THE MOUNTAIN 36 3 Weeks Festival
09/09/1958 SO TOUGH / THAT'LL BE ALRIGHT 5 17 Weeks Festival
15/01/1959 I AIN'T A GONNA DO IT 33 3 Weeks Festival
5/3/1959 WHAT DA YA KNOW /   PEEK A BOO 22 7 Weeks Festival
1/1/1959 WHY DO THEY DOUBT OUR LOVE 4 15 Weeks Festival
19/7/59 YOU EXCITE ME 12 11 Weeks Festival
1/10/59 SWANEE RIVER 12 18 Weeks Leedon
5/11/59 SHOUT! 11 18 Weeks Leedon
7/ 1/60 SHE'S BY BABY 1 19 Weeks Lee Gordon
21/4/60 IT'S TOO LATE 26 9 Weeks Lee Gordon
18/08/60 DON'T YOU KNOW 1 19 Weeks Lee Gordon
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24/11/60 READY FOR YOU      
31/08/61 I'M COUNTING ON YOU      
2/9/61 RIGHT NOW      
22/2/62 TO LOVE      
15/3/62 SING      
4/10/62 YES INDEED I DO      
13/12/62 I THANK YOU      
14/6/63 MOVE BABY MOVE      
11/10/63 SHAKE BABY SHAKE      
6/12/63 TWIST IT UP      
10/4/64 SHE'S WEARS MY RING      
6/11/64 ROCK 'N' ROLL WILL STAND      
20/9/69 SHE'S MY BABY      

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