(Tony Zapantis) 

Sensational Discovery:

Fate stepped in when "Platon" socially visited a Perth Hotel and a general invitation was extended to those in the audience that could sing to provide an impromptu performance.

Platon (Tony Zapantis) was encouraged by his friends to have a go and a go he had..

The instant result was blowing the audience away with his Tom Jones powerful, yet gentle mellow voice.

He received a standing ovation and the rest is history.


Artist manager Roland Ott approached Platon and he was singing the next week. His second appearance led to a regular performance as a resident singer.


Platon meet an international performer who was so impressed with Platon that he provided him with a full orchestra backing to a song that he felt suited Platon and HMV released the backing with Platon's voice HMV EA-10171. After release and radio airtime he was invited to appear on "Show Case '73" in Sydney.

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