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Roland Ott 2003-2004  world wide reserved

ou will find an abundance of well known Pubs, Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Food Halls, Late-nite Eateries, Red-light Areas, Adult Establishments, Gentlemen Clubs and Cinemas. We pick you up from one of our authorised pickup Points, your Club, Home or Office.

We plan out the total night's itinerary with you in advance. We arrange VIP entries to most venues. A guided Walk through Tour can also be included. Posters and sample invitations can be emailed to you or just download them for your noticeboards, newsletters or mailed out invitations.

If using our tour for fundraising we assist you with that as well. As a group this will be the talking point all throughout the year. Check out past tours for more ideas. We are open to any suggestions. Just leave your inhibitions at home!


This Original and exclusive Show World Tour takes in 
Northbridge, Perth's city entertainment, red light and dining precinct.

It can also include:

Burswood Resort Casino
Perth City


We have arrangements with many venues of our authorized venues and soon will publish a comprehensive list of all the establishments. All organized benefits are passed on to your group and part of our free additional service.

We have many venues throughout the metro area that we have authorized and they also act as pickup points where you can leave your car. They serve as meeting places and pre-tour get-togethers meaning that your neighbours or neighbourhoods are not disturbed.

Dress up themes are ideal plus advance
slave auctions etc. are recommended.

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