The deen is popular with the Show World ® Party Buses and visits are requested to this venue frequently. Show World ® Party Buses are proud of have gained authorisation to call on the deen and gained VIP free entry. The management team are to be congratulated on such an innovative project and maintaining this complex operation for Perth. It is definitely not your average Pub.

In excess of 600 lighting units, including 16 vr8 intelligent lights fully controlled from the one location. All intelligent lighting is controlled through a ce abstract panel, via a 64 key keyboard to allow for real time operations, a 16 key maestro keyboard for effects lighting, coupled with a 256 channel dmx board controlling environmental accent of colour specifics and chases.

Additional units:
16 monitors covering both security surveillance and visual outlets through all zones in addition to controllers for bubble machines, a snow machine, pyrotechnics, atmosphere alterations, a fully automated mechanical droid, 2 DVD players and 4 video players, a projector unit, multiple TV monitors throughout the venue allowing punters to see what is going on in other zones, a computer screen monitor 3.1m, and a giant street side 6.2m external monitor giving the punters in the queue something to watch. This screen is also on a mechanical arm allowing it to swing over the street for street parties